Perina’s mattresses have their own identity and are precedent of a perfect mattress. If you have selected Perina as your brand, must-say your choice is mind-blowing. From designing to manufacturing, these mattresses go through a systematic process.

The usage of silk knit fabric to stitch mattress covers is common for Perina. And, the covers are mostly removable and washable. They build every product keeping in view your specific needs and pains or issues with sleeping. This is an overview, but surely you want a more detailed description of each mattress from Perina.

I, totally, understand your concern for long and comfortable sleeping. So, I have formed this review of Perina mattresses. In this review, you will get to have a face-off with the 3 best of Perina’s production.

Let’s see which one of these functions best in delivering you sweet sleeping.


The gel memory foam mattress Perina has manufactured is of eight inches. As the name has specified already, this product is comprised of memory foam but the hidden factor is the injection of Aloe Vera. Also, this mattress gives a complete ventilation facility to the air. This means it is open-armed to take in or give out the air.

From the outside, you’ll observe the knit fabric cover on this mattress. On the inside, however, this amazing mattress prevents your deep sinking into the foam. The best part here is, this mattress gets adjusted according to the weather. Now, you don’t need to worry about shorter and hot summer nights or long, beautiful winter nights. Your mattress will take care of the temperature control.


The innerspring by Perina is specially designed for overweighed people or the ones with back pain. If you aren’t, but, undergoing any of the issues with your night sleeps, you can still go for this remarkable Perina mattress. The euro top pattern of this company’s production, because, guarantees you smooth touch and gentle sleep.

This Euro-top mattress has a total length of 11 inches. The top and bottom are occupied by 2cm of foam, each on both sides. In between, a 7-inch innerspring foam is induced. This thoughtfully built mattress provides support to your back and stands firm in awarding you comfortable night-after-night.  


Perina has the aim to comfort its consumers with maximum softness and dreamy nights. This mattress prevails competently on its innovative thinking. It is delicately designed with a Euro-top, indicating you, high level of comfort.

The upper layer of this silent euro-top mattress has memory foam. And, the bamboo fabric is used to cover up this fantastic mattress. You can assume a luxurious and smooth night with this mattress because it does not become hot when your body comes in contact with it.


In this review of Perina mattresses, we considered three different presentations. One with plush, the other one having innerspring, and a gel memory foam also rest on the list. All these satisfy the needs of different consumers, so, it was necessary to guide everyone with their needs.

The maintenance, quality, and manufacturing, Perina never lacks behind. And, a high-quality mattress is always its end product. If you have back problems, or you need your long nights perfectly slept, you can chase any of them. Wait, but, share with us one of your kind in these.